About me

My name is Aria, a 7th generation psychic medium and, in this life, I am a spiritual advisor, professional astrologer and life coach. I shared my abilities with people for almost over 20 years. My soul’s purpose is to help people who are stuck in life, surrounded by negativity and blocked from living to their highest potential.

I have pronounced same mantras for more than 100,000,000 times and that gave me some enormous power to predict and to solve other peoples problems. I have worked with thousands of individuals around the world helping them banish dark forces, evil and unwarranted negativity.

The spiritual realm and the vastness of the Universe have always fascinated me. I’ve been blessed with the ability to help others who are searching for answers and clarity in their lives. My goal is to enlighten people and guide them on how to unlock their own psychic abilities. With my extensive knowledge in numerology, tarot and oracle cards, twin flames, zodiac, horoscope, dreams interpretation, healing crystals, manifestation, relationships, and astrology, I’m able to provide people with insights and spiritual understanding.

Growing up in a small tribe in Syria, I’ve always been a curious child, constantly questioning the mysteries of life, death, and the synchronicities that surround us. As I grew older, my curiosity only deepened, and I started seeking answers from various psychic mediums, clairvoyants, and seminars. I immersed myself in books and studied everything from crystals, emotional energy, and healing to angels, astrology, and numerology.

Each time I found answers to my questions, I was amazed by the accuracy and alignment of the information. A clairvoyant once advised me to follow my intuition, as they saw that I had a dormant clairvoyant ability inside me waiting to be tapped into. I started practicing and honing my psychic abilities, delivering accurate messages and sensing energies and events in the future.

Since then, I’ve conducted numerous workshops and mentored people to unlock their own psychic potential. I’ve also given thousands of tarot readings and counseled people of all ages, ethnicities, and religions on their spiritual journey. My goal is to provide genuine, honest, and compassionate advice that people truly need, rather than what they want to hear.

As a spiritual advisor, I offer comfort, assurance, and guidance to individuals and groups alike. Life can be unpredictable, but with my help, I hope to keep people on their path towards their life’s purpose. My guide is a conduit to the immense Universal knowledge available for those who seek it.

My mission is to help people with my God gifted ability. I go above and beyond to ensure you have a balanced abundant life by destroying your blockages, and helping you advance in life spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

We all are born with psychic abilities and gifts. However, some of our third eyes are closed and cannot sense perceive or know these abilities.

With this astrology guide I aim to extend my love and passion and teach you how to activate your psychic gifts so you become highly in-tuned with the world and other dimensions.