MOJOMOON.NET SPELL ARCHIVE-*Separation/Break-Up/Go Away Spells*

To Break Up A Friendship

Take two lemons and cut the stem ends off.
Write one name eight times on a piece of paper and the other persons name eight times on another.
Roll it up and poke in the lemon, one in each lemon.
Bury these lemons in the yard where the sun rises and sets on them. Every day at one o'clock pour one-half cup vinegar on the lemons. Those people will fight and part.


Take a sheet of paper and write your lover's name on one end and his wife's [or her husband's] name on the other. Light a black candle and some seperation incense. Tear the paper in half and burn the half with the name of the undesirable partner's name on it, chanting while you do so:

"As this paper burns, so did their love,
As this paper dissolves, so mote it be."

Let the candle burn down completely and then toss the remains along with the ashes from the burnt paper over your shoulder into running water. The remains can alternately be placed in a black mojo bag and placed where the undesirable parter will cross it as well.



Take the picture of the ones you want to break up and say:

"Great lucifer of the double edged sword
destroy this couple by my will as I burn this picture!
Gargrellday astro, mastro!"


To be done during the Mars hours on a Tuesday or Saturday during the waning moon for best results.

2 black household or appropriate image candles
Love Breaker or separation-type Oil
Love Breaker or Separation-type Powder
Love Breaker or separation-type Incense
Black Salt(Opional)

Inscribe the candles with the names of the individuals you are trying to break-up and dress the candles with the oil. Place them on a large piece of tinfoil about 4 inches apart and sprinkle powder between them. If using image candles, use a smaller square under each,then place on the larger sheet & place them with their backs to each other. If using black salt, sprinkle a small circle around each candle and DO NOT let the circles touch. Light the candles and let them burn about 15 minutes each night as you chant the following:

"No more love,No more bliss
Let the joy of this union soon go amiss
May both_______ and_______ become angry and weary
May their future together appear bleak and dreary
May they soon part and separate
I ask the heavens that this be their fate."

Each night before relighting the candles, move them away from each other about an inch, sprinkle more powder between them and drizzle a little more oil on each. If you did it right, the black salt circle should move with each individual candle. Repeat every day around the same time until the candles are burned out (aim for about 7 days) then take the remains,wrap each in foil and throw them as far away from each other as possible repeating the above chant as you do so.



Write the name of either the male or female 13 times on a piece of parchment paper using Dove's Blood ink. Anoint the corners of the paper with "Lost & Away" oil and then sprinkle with "Lost & Away" powder. Fold the paper from each corner to the middle so that the ends overlap and then seal the folds with the wax from a red candle. Bury this packet in a discreet spot at night.
Every night for the next thirteen nights sprinkle either "War Water" or "Damnation" oil over the ground where the packet is buried. On the fourteenth night, dig up the packet and burn to ashes. Carefully collect the ashes and throw them to the four winds or into running water.
(This spell can also be used to get rid of an unwanted person in your life.)

Take the track (dirt or grass where your target has walked) of the man,woman or preferably both. Place them on a piece of paper and sprnkle both "War Water" and "Separation" powder on them. Place on the tracks both cat and dog hairs, some sulpher, gunpowder and one lodestone.
Fold the paper from East to West,turn and fold again the same way. Seal the folds with the wax of a red candle and take the packet to a river or stream (any type running water will do)at midnight. Say the following and toss the packet in over your right shoulder without looking back:

"Dog bite it,Cat scratch it
gunpowder burn it,sulpher smoke it
Lodestone carry it far away"

Walk away and do not look back.

Again,take the tracks of both the man & woman but this time from the moist ground after a rain.
Put them together in a paper bag with cat and dog hairs. Add a bit of "Separation" powder and tie the bag shut with red thread or string and put away in a discreet place. After several days take the bag out and place in a fire-proof burner & burn until completely ashes. Collect these ashes & scatter them at the residence of the couple without their knowledge.


To get people to move away and/or simply get out of your vicinity

Black Household Candle
"Hot Foot" or "Get Away" oil & Powder
A rusty nail
7 pins or needles
parchment paper

Inscribe the targets name on the candle with the nail and dress with oil. Insert the pins or needles at equal intervals through the candle and sprinkle the candle with powder.

On the paper write the targets name 7 times in red ink. Across their name write what you want them to do. (Move away, stay away, get a new job etc...). Place the paper under the candle and light the candle. Burn the candle until the first needle falls, all the while concentrating on what you want to happen to this person and then extinquish the candle. Take the needle and place in the paper in the shape of a cross. By the end of the ritual you should have three crosses in the paper with the middle one "doubled" or using 3 needles like this one.

Repeat this ritual every night using more oil and more powder until the candle has burned down completely and all the pins have been used. On the last night,before it has burned down completely,use it's last flickering light to burn the parchment,needles and all. Place the ashes in a a piece of paper and mix with a bit more oil and powder then sprinkle in the front yard of the person you are trying to drive away.

I have also used a variation where I place the mixture in a dram bottle and bury it where I know the person is going to be crossing. I have also placed the oil on doorknobs and/or car handles that I know the target will come in contact with while the job is being done as well with good results.



When the Moon is waning, write the full name and birthdate (if you know it)of your enemy on a white parchment, and roll it up together with a photo of the person, if you have one. Place the parchment and photo inside a bottle of 4 thieves vinegar, and throw it into a moving body of water, such as a lake or river. Visualize your enemy moving far away from you, and never bothering you.


Take a black candle and inscribe the persons name on it three times,starting from the bottom so that the name "goes away" from you. Dress the candle with motor oil, Shark (Tiburon) or any other foul smelling oil. Roll candle in a mixture of black & red pepper. Burn the candle for 30 minutes on each of three consecutive mornings while wishing your target would move away. When candle is spent, throw or bury any remains in their yard or bury in a graveyard.


To be done on the night of a full moon every month

Chicken heart

On the piece of paper,draw 2 stick figures,one man and one woman.Write the full names of the targets under each figure,then cut them apart & take them outside with you.
With the spoon dig a hole in the ground big enough to place then chicken heart in. Place the heart in the hole and look at the moon.

Take the stick figure of the person you love and hold it next to your heart.Burn the other stick figure with a match while saying:

"The one I burn go away ,
go away (persons fullname )"

"The one I dont burn, I hold next to my heart
stay with me { persons fullname } till death do us part
oh mother Isis, grant me my wish for my soul mate and me"

Do all this while looking at the moon. After you are done,cover the heart with the dirt and say:

"Thank you mother Isis,
my name is (your full name)
thank you for granting my wish."

Go inside and put your loves figure in a white envelope in a wooden box. Don't let anyone see this.Keep the box & envelope for as long as you want them & keep doing the spell monthly. If you decide you dont want them anymore, stop doing the spell and burn the white envelope . If the couple targeted is not married or unhappy it shouldnt take long before you see some effect. If the couple is happily married it can take years.It all depends on how bad you want them broken up.



Black or greenish yellow candle
"Break Up" oil
rusty nail

At midnight durning a waning moon,inscribe the candle with the name of the couple. Anoint the candle with the Break-up oil then light the candle. Take the pin and prick the candle many times over the inscribed names saying:

"As I prick this candle, I prick at thee
Broken hearts ,unhappy be
May you part,go your own seperate way
May the wheels start turning, may it begin today"

Continue pricking the candle and stating the above for 15 minutes or so as you visualize them going their own seperate ways then extinguish the candle. Take the candle and break it in half to symbolize the splitting of the couple then dispose of the two halves in separate trash containers far way from each other as you once again visualize them being completely apart from each other. You are done.



Black Cord or Yarn (about 12 inches long)
Black "Couple" candle
"Seperation" Incense & Oil
Black Salt

Inscribe the candle with the couples name and anoint with the oil. If you have personal items of theirs or a photo,dig out the bottom of the candle, insert them, then reseal the candle.Place the candle on a piece of foil.Sprinkle black salt around the base of the candle in a circular motion going counter-clockwise

Repeat the following for nine consecutive nights during the waning moon. At midnight each night,drizzle more oil on the candle then light it and the incense. As they burn, tie a knot in the cord. Each night/time you tie a knot, do it with anger thinking of how they will hate each other and want to break up. Say these words as you tie a knot and several times thereafter with much feeling & intent:

"Take this couple that I see
Love is gone, unhappy be
Knots of discord, knots of hate
Soon to part is their fate
With this spell I know I've won
I curse their love to come undone!"

Extinguish the candle. Take the cord and put at the base of the candle until the next evening. When the spell is candle is burned down completely and the last knot tied ,place the cord somewhere where you will see it every time you open it,pass by etc... This way every time you see it you can visualize the couple breaking up. When the spell has worked, you may throw it away, but do not untie the knots. Dispose of the candle near where the couple resides or passes.




9 black candles
"Banishing" or "Destierro" Oil
Black Poppet
Picture of or personal item from soon-to-be ex friend/lover
Cauldron or fireproof burner
Copy of Tarot card XIII-DEATH(Represents Renewal & Endings-if you need a copy,ask)

Place the nine candles, which have been inscribed with the targets name and anointed with the chosen oil, in a circle large enough to surround you safely on the floor. (Both name and oil application should be done starting from top to bottom & using downward strokes.) Place your burner & other items in the circle then sit in the circle & light the candles. Place the XIII-DEATH image in your burner and place a drop of oil on each corner.

Anoint then place the object(s) from or of the target into the poppet, then place the poppet into the cauldron or fireproof burner on top of the image as you chant the following words:

"Your love will wither and depart, from my life and my heart Let me be, (name) and go away. Your presence now just ruins my day"

Then light the poppet and watch your ties to each other burn away as the doll and the image does.
Let the candles burn down then place the remains of them,the doll and some of the oil in some swift moving water to signify them going away from you or in a charm or amuler bag to be placed where the target will cross over it often.

For a "FREEDOM FROM BONDAGE SPELL" such as ridding yourself of a controlling person, use instead, or in combination with "Controlling","I Have you Tied & Nailed" & "I Can, You Cant" products etc...and XV-THE DEVIL (removing shackles, fleeing bondage)Tarot card by "sandwiching" the poppet between the two and anointing the corners of both cards with oil(s). This is a great spell, as you can use virtually any card or oils etc to suit your specific need. :)


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